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All Comments

How can we expect black men to support their guys when so many of the men are in jail?
Don't you pity the black women and the difficulty of raising a decent family when men are not around due to them being forced to drop out of school and ending up in jail so often?
We have taxpayers supporting them... and it seems there will be no incentive to do better....
How do everyone else support their guys when they are in jail?
Why dont black men take care of there guys?
It feels like my dad and the black men n my family are the only ones who take care of there guys and live with them and my friends also have there dads.... but y dont other black men raise there son and daughters to be respectful? and myabe black people want have this problem with being sterotypes

-black men get you stuff together GROW up and be a man for once
This is why we're leaving black women
When will Black men become responsible for their families and themselves?
Black women shouldn't have to raised guyren all by herself, as if she made them without a partner. And if you're not gonna be with one lady, and least stop having guys all over the place. Condoms are very affordable these days, especially at Wal Mart. lol
that's so true, they need to become responsible
White women raising black men?
Hello, I am a 25 year old college student doing a project about the issue of white women raising the next generation of black men (biracial guyren who will be perceived by the world as black)....I have to get some people's opinions about how this would affect the guy if the mother is the only parent present and what steps the mother should take to raise the guy accordingly (these words are from my instructor's assignment).
Some specific questions are--should the woman raise the guy any differently than she would a white guy, how can she help the guy accept looking different in his family and what she should do to help him learn about and feel connected to his heritage? Thanks much I need like 20 interviews but I dont know 20 ppl so thought this would be better/easier!!! thanks again
Only racists perceive biracial people as black.
White women can't have black babys.
Why do people say black men abandon their guyren?
Black men are often stereotyped as having the strong propensity to abandon their guyren. However, evidence disputes this stereotype and contrary to the popular belief black men are actually the least likely out of all races of men to abandon their guyren.

Excerpt from new research:
"A month before Obama made this stereotypical and plainly false assertion, Boston University professor Rebekah Levine Coley, in a comprehensive study on the black family, found that black fathers who aren’t in the home are much more likely to sustain regular contact with their guyren than absentee white fathers, or for that matter, fathers of any other ethnic group."…

Needless to say, there are black absentee fathers. Although sources prove guy abandonment is not only restricted to black men and black guyren residing in single parent households doesn't equate to abandonment or irregular contact with their fathers.

What drives this absent black father myth in the black community is the fact that black guyren are raised by custodial mothers and reside in single parent households at just under three times the rate of white guyren, not some imaginary desire of black men to abandon their guyren.
Perpetuation by the media.

My Black father raised me as a single father.
Is it true that a unusually high proportion of black men have never know their biological father?
Is it true that a unusually high proportion of black men have never know their biological father? Is it true that most black men were raised either by their maternal grandmother in a single-parent household, or a nearby female neighbor whom also had guyren outside of a traditional family?
"In the nature argument, black men, in comparison to white and Latino men, have more of a natural proclivity to walk away from their guyren; in the nurture argument, the irresponsibility is bred into black men as part of their societal conditioning."…

While vilifying absent black fathers, this ignores the fact that many black fathers have been driven out of their guyren's lives by vengeful or selfish mothers and the family courts which support them. As one black father notes:

" All the official talk about promoting black fatherhood doesn't amount to anything. I did the best I could as a father but the moment I wasn't convenient anymore I was gone. The courts didn't care about my guys having time with me, all they cared about was my money, and I don't even have much."

Even after three DNA tests proved Smith was not the biological father of her guy, this woman still went after him with a relentless vigor.…
Do you think the media portrays the black family in a bad light? (Preferrably black men and women answer)?
Do you think the media portrays the black family in a bad light? (Preferrably black men and women answer)?
Remember movies like Menace To Society, and Boyz In Tha Hood? I am sure you remember movies like that. Movies that always portrayed black men and women in a negative light. They were always shooting one another or the women were sleeping around. But now movies like that have faded away. We now have movies and shows that show our successful black men with white women. Or our beautiful black women with white men. Do you think that the media plays a big role in the way that black ppl treat one another and even in relationships? For instance in the movie Monster's Ball (Black men would you have liked to see Halle Berry have sex with someone other than a white man) or black women when ever turn on the television and they show a white woman kissing a black man, does that raise a hair on your head? why do you feel there are not as much positive interactions between black men and women. And why do you think they continually show movies and shows like this? And why do we constantly watch them?
Yes they do portray it badly. What irks me even more is that's how the whites do see us. They see us as f***ing animals that spend their time destroying themselves. I get so pissed off when some ignorant whites ask me stupid questions like "can i call you a n***a too or can i say "what's up b**ch or h*e"? like that's all we're about! Regarding black people being portrayed in a better light, yes Halle Berry f***ing Billy Bob Thornton and winning an Oscar for it is not exactly the way i would have liked her to win. Why didn't she win something for "Losing Isaah" she was brilliant in it and we didn't need to see her t*ts!
What are the social ramifications of those black men who have been raised without fathers?
Do you find them to have emotional or psychological deficits due to the father abandoning the family?

By the way I blame black women just as much for thier 70% of of wedlock birthrate, but specifically what are the social ramifications of black men who has been raised without fathers?
As with any case where there is a single parent there can be a lot of issues. With only one parent it does increase the risk for certain psycologial disorders.

Now if the father abandons the mother it can even get worst. Most guyren who have been abandoned by one or more parent have abandonment issues. This brings up a whole heap of problems.

In American the African American community just happens to accept this more than most any cultural community in the world. It is much higher than in Africa or Hati.
Who do Black men have the reputation of...?
abandoning their guys?

My father raised my 4 siblings and I as a single father. My uncle shares custody of his guys with his wife. My nephew-in-law has been raising his guys full time since he and my niece divorced. I have 2 female cousins who share custody of their guys with their fathers (both fathers have their guys half of the time). I have a male cousin who has sole custody of his guys (and his guys have 2 different mothers). My son is fighting for custody of his guy. These are all Black men.

So is this a phenomenon unique to my family or are Black men getting a bad rap?

BTW, my sons' father is a white man who has hardly been a part of their lives. What's most interesting about my baby daddy is that his mother married a Black man after he was born. This Black man ended up raising him (this white guy who wasn't even his own guy) AS A SINGLE FATHER.

So what's up with the bad reputation amongst Black men?
just take a look around you. lol. Most black guyren grow up raised by a single black mother. It's not the woman's problem. It's the man's problem.

©, black men raising families