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The office girls bet me $200 I couldn't last a full day in a minskirt, stockings, and 3 inch heels. Who do you?
think, got the better end of this bet ? They are mainly Latin girls who act like wearing a skirt is hard!
They are even supplying the clothes I have to wear. I am not allowed to run the stockings, what ever that really means
What if anything might be difficult?
I'M LATINA, and I have NOOOOO trouble wearing a skirt. Not all women are created equally! When they say you CAN'T RUN THEM , there referring to the tiny tiny fine snags that make these LONG LINES running all the way down them and it ruins them . You have to throw them away, basically, and they look ugly after that! For a guy WALKING IN HEELS maybe difficult. How ever you kinda sound like you have experience in dressing up so I don't for see any problems for you ! lol !!
Why do "some" Latin and Black women wear huge earrings and high heels, tight clothes?
Respondents please take your time. I will try to be clear.

1. My question is not a negative one. I happen to love the heels and on the right set of curves the more snug fabrics is nice as well. Not so into the earrings but that's okay.

2. I would like some female responders. I would like serious (or at least semi-serious) answers. Especially if you dress that way (not just for the club...but "usually").

3. I am asking from a social science " who did it first" standpoint. For example think of the backwards baseball cap. It appears that black rappers/athletes did it first now its very common in middle class white guys (at least at my local mall) not as common for black guys. It has been "passed on."

Yet with the heels, big earrings, tight clothes it seems to be most common in blacks/latins (some white girls -who date that group) and persists in both.

Any thoughts. Please share.
My feeling is that the trends you speak of are geographical, social, economical, gender specific, and personal. For instance, the women you speak of dress differently in Iowa than in New York. One must take into account the peers of the person as well...girls in particular like to dress like their friends as it is socially acceptable. Economics play a factor in what can be afforded in terms of proper size, manufacturer, etc. The person's self esteem is also a factor (whether dressing in this manner to attract attention for sexual purposes or to fit in, etc.)
Your frame of reference is incomplete (about the backward ball cap) which I was wearing (yes, a girl) as a teenager in the 1970's, before rap was even heard of. Where and when I came from, the ball cap was worn by mechanics that wore the hat to keep dirt and grease out of their hair but put backward so the bill would not get in the way when face down in an engine. This was also done by farmers (they don't wear cowboy hats in my area usually). Even motorcycle riders: wear it backward or lose the hat in the wind.
Why the vast majority of U.S. Girls don't wear high heels?
I live in Costa Rica, and here all the girls like to look cute and moderately sexy... they all wear tight tops, low rise jeans, mini skirts and high heels... they all look cute, not sluttish all... Most of these girls have tremendous great body (nice legs, nice waist and perky chest)...However, last year I was in the US and find out that girls there are "very boring" and exciting as a "potatoe without salt"... None of them even look sexy... no skirts... no high heels... no nice tops... Are this northamericans shy of looking sexy and good? Even tough they don't have the greatest body or color for a girl... they should make an effort to stand as pretty sexy girls...
Can somebody give a reason of this? Is this why you hear 'latin are better lovers"?
We are not shallow and obsessed with turning guys on, I read your other questions, maybe being concerned with your appearance all the time is conceited. We dress up for going out and to look special for our guys. If you show all you got all the time there is no mystery. We don't were high heels all the time because its bad for your legs, feet, and back. And I have seen women from other countries that dress as you say and they really shouldn't. Not all women in your country are all that great either, you have fat chicks and ones to skinny. And a lot of women who do dress that way really shouldn't, I know allot of guys agree with this, plus they don't want or have time to deal with high maintenance, prissy,stuck-up women. We have just a little more self respect, and we dress for the occasion and practicality. I wouldn't agree with Latins being better lovers either, (speaking from experience). Your a little conceited don't you think?

I agree with the guys that have answered this question, some women tend to dress frumpy. However, I do not believe it to be centered around the US. I also agree that flip flops are worn to often, please weddings, going out for a night on the town and work are not appropriate. I love to dress up, get sexy even a little slutty sometimes but I also like to be casual and comfortable when appropriate. A time and place for everything I guess that is what I am saying.
Does anyone want to buy a pink VK530 flip phone or brand new latin dance shoes?
I have on offer -
This is a used Baby Pink VK530 Mobile phone, with camera, I originally brought it off ebay, to find that it would not read my virgin simcard. However it does read the following sim cards, Orange, 02, T Mobile and Vodaphone.
It would be an ideal first phone for a younger girl as very simple and easy to use, it also has a few scratches on the outer casing but the screen is in perfect condition.
She did not sell it to me with a box or manual, but i can print the manual off for you free of charge, and provide a box of somesort if posting. It does come with its original charger. All in all it is a good little phone as i say it would be ideal as a first phone and of course its every girls dream. Its Pink !

Brand New Silver Latin shoes, Cheap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only tried on i originally brought these from Hong Kong, to finally receive them and find they were not really right for my outfit.
They are a uk size 5.5 with a 2.5" heel, they are extremelyy comfy
Two things

1. Here's my e-mail address so you can send me a pic of them

2. Those Latin Dance shoes sound like what I've been looking for so i can do my Latin Dance in my recital. But the prices are usally outrageous!!!
What does my taste in women say about me?
Ive always thought that I had a strange taste in women, (physically speaking) of course I want a smart and funny one with a good personality, but hey, every guy wants that.

Cute not, hot ( I just don't really find "Hot" girls that attractive)
Not fat, I don't mind a little meat on the bones, but I have to be able to get my arms around you (and I'm not fat myself, so there)

Now I think those aren't really that odd, I'm sure their are tons of guys who like cute over hot,

Fair skin, almost pale (I just don't like tans)
Shy and introverted (I am too)
Younger then me (even if its by one day, i just have to be older)
Shorter then 5'5 (I'm 5'7 so I wont be shorter if she wears heels)
Don't care about breast size (actually prefer a little on the small size, does that sound creepy)
Does not drink, smoke, do drugs, or anything like that.
NO TATTOOS OR CRAZY PIERCINGS(meaning anything other then the ears) no expections, toung rings and belly rings are disgusting, tattoos are by far my biggest turn off (physically speaking)

I'm in college (finance) and I don't like girls in Business majors or things like nursing that will give her a job that made more then me (I know, that is extremely petty and sexist and has no place in the 21st century, but its a huge turn off for me) But I absoluetly have no problem with a girl who is smarter then me, I believe that on average Girls are smarter then guys anyway, I really do want a smart girl.

A HUGE turnOFF is a girl in uniform, Military, police, anything like that. Or a really athletic girl, with like muscles or on sports teams or anything.

Also I kind of have a thing for Asian girls, I would be more then happy to date a white girl or a latin girl, (just don't like really dark skin is all, i think its because my mom is really tan)

So I guess my Ideal girlfreind would be a year old 5'5 100-125lbs Japanese girl with glasses English major who is really mousy and timid. born before 1989 (who hopefully has never had a boyfreind before) in the math club

To give you an example of the opposite, I find Megan Fox to be the most hideous woman on the planet, I see absolutely nothing about her that is attractive, and my buddy seriously asked me if I was gay.

Obviously I have never had GF before, A combination of my own shyness along with the fact I can't find any girls even remotely like this, or ones that I can connect with on any kind of emotional or intellectual level anyway. (It just feels like all girls in college love to drink and party all the time and already have boyfriends anyway)

My guy friends say that I got really freaky tastes

My female friends say that I am a horrible sexist when it comes to dating (which I can't deny) and that I am a control freak and thats why I like to be older, taller, make more money,

I just don't understand why I don't just like the kind of girls that all guys like (blond big boobed and stupid)
.You like what you like, but your criteria are so detailed and many that finding someone who meets them all, will be a challenge.

FYI: there are TONS of women that fall between what you like and "blonde big boobed and stupid" and those are the women most guys go for. It's not this OR that, there are many millions of different combinations of looks, personality, smarts, etc.
10 points up for grabs! Question about Latin Dancing shoes!! PLEASE help!!?
In Latin Dancing (especially the Cha-Cha-Cha) why do girls need to wear specific shoes with high heels? Apart from looking good, are these shoes beneficial to the dancing itself??

And...does that mean you can wear any pretty high-healed shoes that make some noise on the ground for Latin Dancing? Or do you actually have to wear specific shoes that you can only get from certain stores?

Thanks heaps!! 10 points for the best answer!
If you look at Latin technique you'll understand why Latin shoes are made the way they are

Firstly They have a heel as to accentuate the leg, i.e. make them look pretty. With this said, in most Latin dances, the heel is never used, and dances is done on the toes, with movement that work into the floor. ballroom on the other hand, has heel movement, and heel leads - that is why ballroom shoes differ. And why you are also said to wear heel protectors on your Latin shoes - not all of us have ballroom and Latin shoes.

Thirdly, Latin shoes are very pliable - you'll see they are uncomfy when wearing them for the first time, but soon become your most comfy pair of shoes ever!

When doing Latin, no noise is made on the floor - who ever told you this is a loon. It is a soft flowing motion, that makes as little noise as possible, with dancers being as light on their feet as possible.

In short, if you are making noise, you're being to heavy on your feet, and not carrying yourself correctly - your partner thus ends up carrying you.

get yourself Latin shoes. It's proper, and gives you the correct tools for the job - after all tennis players don't play with cricket bats now do they?

Secondly, proper shoes have non slip, pigs leather soles. This aides as latin dancing is fast and tempo building - we do not want anyone to slip
Can someone translate this to spanish please. i need it for me final exam thats at 11 am today.?
In latin America, when a girls becomes 15 years old, she has a party called a quinceanos. This is a tradition that started with the Aztecs in 500 B.C. When an Aztec girl became 15, she was ready to be married or to go learn to be a priestess in the temple. The party was a celebration of her becoming a woman. In modern times, the party is a celebration of a girl becoming a young woman not a woman. After the party, she will have more chores and responsibilities. She will begin learning to be a woman and a wife. She will also reaffirm her faith and spirituality.
The celebration starts with the whole family going to church. There will be the Misa de Acción de Grácias . The priest will read the Bendición al cumplir quince años. The entire family and the guests will be at the church. After mass, everyone will go to the party.
The party can be in the home or in a large hall. The guests will arrive first. The girl will have a court of 15 people including 7 girls who are damas and 8 guys who are chambelanes. At the party, member of the court will enter first. Then the girl and her chambelan will enter. They will perform a waltz. Sometimes, a dance teacher will teach them how to do the waltz. After the first dance, the girl will dance with her father, and then her godfather.
The girl will wear a white or pink ball gown and flat shoes to symbolize her girlhood. The court, damas and chambelanes, will wear dresses and tuxedos. Sometimes, the girl will change her dress during the party. Her second dress will be red to show that she is a young woman and not a guy. Then, her father will change her shoes. The new shoes will be high heeled.
At the party she will receive gifts from her godparents. They will give her a tiara, a bracelet or ring, a bible, a rosary, and a cross. The tiara is to show that she is a princess and should be treat well as a princess. The bracelet is to symbolize the circle of life. The bible, cross, and rosary are to show her faith and devotion to god. The guests will bring her gifts, also. During the ceremony, the girl will give a doll to a younger sister or cousin to show that she is leaving her guyhood behind.
Aunts and uncles of the girl will give long speeches. They will share memories of her life and their hopes and dreams for her future.
The celebration can be very expensive. They are very similar to weddings. Dresses can cost thousands of dollars. Cakes can cost hundreds of dollars because they are similar to wedding cakes. Add in the price of musicians, limousines, banquet halls and price for the party can between 500 to 80,000 dollars. It depends on how rich the family is and their social status. The entire family usually donates money to the parents of the girl to help them pay for the celebration.

Go to and copy paste this text. Google will do it for you! Beware that there might be a few grammatical mistakes which you need to find and correct.
Why are american girl so careless about their weight?
I am European and latin born in Paris.... (dad is from Sweden and mom is from Columbia)

I am however visiting the US and I am shocked to see so many fat women around that can't dress womanly

I have such a hard time because I am thin and I dress on high heels, and skirts and do my hair nicely and feminine and the girls here give me nothing but hatred because of it, as if they are jealous of me

they also make comments about my french accent etc

the sad part is that they hate me, but american guys like me and dont even pay attention to them and tell me american women are usually the hater type of females

however I dont care for any of that, I do think that American women should really watch their weight...... I dont think is very healthy to be so overweight and continue eating so much......
First of all....if you act the way you are talking around bigger woman....then no wonder you are getting mean comments. Sorry, but just because they are bigger doesn't mean you have the right to discriminate...they wouldn't if you didn't. Plus, being overweight doesn't have anything to do with where you come from...its the person themselves and genetics. So instead of hating on people, you should get to know them....then think about maybe trying to help them....if not then I suggest you watch out because some woman are rather bitchy...especially when it comes to weight issues.
What problems does your dislexia give you in dancing and how do you cope?
Hey I am a big dancer however have problems with mild dislexia. I am not officially diagnosed with it I feel because it is not one of the obvious ones as I have no problems reading however I will do things like say or write the black is cat instead of the cat is black among other things. Anyways sometimes as a girl dancer I have problems following certain signals from my partner and its probably my dislexia. Right now I am dancing salsa, merengue, bachata, and a little swing sometimes if I'm lucky some waltz. In salsa there is this basic turn that annoys me so much because I have done the turn many times however often I have problems of realizing I am supposed to turn one or two beats late. It doesn't mess up our rhythem when finishing the turn however the turn isn't as fluid as I would like. I may ask my partner to be more heavy in his signals to get me out of my bad habit. Anyways I just find I freeze sometimes on certain turns when I become cross eyed from the confusion of left and right. I am sure people without dislexia have the same problems just when dancing in general, but I just wanted to ask some people who have been dancing for a while with some dislexia issues what you find difficult and how you overcome it. One problem I had in Bachata is when I start side stepping to the left that doesn't give me as much problems as when I land after a turn having to side step to the left on good days it gets me a little cross eyed and my transition is still not that smooth. Then here is something different but still a problem. I am tall, taller than pretty much all of the men I dance with except one. I find I run in two problems mostly in dances where you are close to your partner. Problem number one is when I am forced to bend my knees more than you should to match my partner this causes some knee banging. In Bachata I fiddled with the step so that it isn't really correct as I would be penalized by the jusdges if I competed however it lessens the amount of knee banging and makes things smoother. Then problem two which is worse when I find I am bending slightly over my partner causing me to put more weight on him making me more prone to stumbling and my partner. I find this problem occurs when my partner has turned me so that my back is facing him and he has me very close. I wear dance shoes with very little heel so that there would not be that much difference if I wore flats. So if any tall girls could give me tips on how they cope. Also people with left and right issues or dance trainers that have helped people with this issue if you could just write down what problems you've had/seen and how you fixed them. I prefer people that are intermediate to advanced in dancing answer. Also I am mostly interested in the dances I just listed as those are the ones I am dancing right now. However if you have advice on waltzing and or fox trot I would love to hear it as I am a big fan of the dances its just the places available to me right now do not play music for those dances. The height problems is more of an issue in the latin dances because the place I go to latin dance has alot of South Americans... who are shorter than me generally even if they are average height. (sigh) XD My latin dance partner doesn't seem to mind, call it a hunch but I think its because his face is just level with my cleavage. XD
I'm dyslexic, i'm latin, and I dance perfectly fine

It's probably just practice you need

just keep practicing...with dyslexia, you just have to push yourself and keep practicing over and over. Even it's 10 times more than you normally would...
Help me I am lost with this one!?
So I have been witting for awhile but I am worried cause I don't know in what period of our time could this story happen any correction will help thanks!!
Sun raised this morning as any others opening its way through the clouds, hugging the green mountains under it, and as it raised life started down here birds start singing, plants wake up and welcome humbling bees that come for nectar, It had obviously started as any other normal morning, sunny and fresh, but for me this wasn't’t a normal morning and when I wake up today noticed it: the butterflies in my stomach, and emotion in my troth.
Finally the day I had been waiting through the whole year had arrived. It’s was the most wonderful morning I had ever seen and the most wonderful day of my guyhood: It was my fifteen birthday.

As every morning I pulled the huge story book from under my pillow its title said: “Fairy Tales for lovers” I opened the book in one of my favorite stories “the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” I didn't’t read it, because I had already read it thousands of times but as I thought of my life I slide my fingers through the book pages. My life wasn't’t a fairy tale and sometimes I just wanted it to be such, with a charming prince, fairies, mermaids, magicians, elves and even dwarfs. But my life was the just not magic fairy tale stuff in the world. I was like every other teenager, even though I live in a little blue prairie house with my five brothers and my two sisters in company of parents and grandparents from my mother’s side. The guyren of the surrounding towns laughed at us a lot for being such a big family, for this I had only 3 friends here, my 3 best friends and they were Anica, Justin and Claire.
Anica is a 14 year old English girl with white skin, brown eyes and black hair, Justin is a 16 year old Latin American boy, tall with gold hair and brown lights on it, his eyes are, deep blue and he is the cutest guy I have ever met, Claire is my youngest cousin and she is 13 she has light brown hair, amber eyes and she is from Switzerland. And now let’s talk about me like my friends described me. I´m a 15 year old girl from L.A I have green eyes with long eye lashes, dark black curly hair, and my name is Dana.
Since my mother couldn't’t find a job in the United States we came to Mexico and we are now living in Tijuana just past the frontier from L.A. to Mexico.
We live in a two storage house, my bedroom is in the second floor just passed the bathroom in the furthest corner of the house, and it has 3 small beds, a wooden bookshelf, and a really small wardrobe, the walls are painted in light pink in my sisters side of the room, and in mine it’s a whole mess up of different colors, first it was orange, then purple, after that blue, and now it has stripes.
I putted on a beautiful purple dress and a pair of high heels, and trapped my hair in a French plait.

My thoughts were interrupted when Janice entered the room “Hurry Dana they are all waiting for you down there” as she offered me her hand, and I took it smiling and said “I’ll throw you inside the cake Jan…” but before I could catch her she was already running downstairs laughing and I heard her scream as I came near the first floor “There she comes mom.”
When I entered the stretch, but welcoming dining room, I wasn't surprise to feel the hands of Jerry my oldest brother fall in my eyes and he continued to guide me inside then I heard “Happy birthday Dana!” I felt my cheeks turn reddish when Jerry took his hands from my eyes and kissed me in the chick saying “Hey I was the first with the birthday kiss” The birthday kiss was a tradition of my family the first person to kiss the birthday one would get a double ration of cake. At the moment Jerry went away from my side all my family was kissing me, It was till then that I noticed my best friends standing in the dining room corner smiling at me, after everyone kissed me, I went towards Anica, Justin and Claire that hugged me and smiled at me radiantly “Oh its awesome you are here” I said astonished “Hey we bought you something ” said Justin handing me a small package “Oh you should have” I said turning even more red “Thanks” I said as I opened the package inside there were 4 tickets for the dance at the primary school we all assisted. It was tomorrows night “Oh… I have no dress” I said sadly just trying to make up something so that I didn't have to go to the dance.
“You will come to my house because there is my birthday present” said Anica as she took my hand and as she pulled me out of the dining room I was hoping the earth swallowed me and never returned me back.
We walked through the morning sunlight 20 minutes till we got to Anica´s house, there Justin told us that he will pick us at 6:30 Pm to take us back to my house and left towards his house. Anica´s house was really big, its walls where white, and it had a big chimney.
I think you should just let the readers figure it out for themselves. It gives them an opportunity to imagine more, but if you really wanted to give it a certain date, I'd make it in the 2000s, or if you wanted to make it older like say 1800s, take out teenager and the time part. But, I honestly think you need to leave the date part out. Hope I helped! =)

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