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Have you noticed the Hollywood has left the young super models behind and use middle aged Milfs like Anniston?
The Desperate House wife cast is all between 40 and 50. Finally, some semblance of reality.
that's quite true. never noticed that. though most of these milfs look nothing like the average middle aged woman lol
Ladies, (milfs) are you attracted to younger men, and how young would you date?
Just curious... Older women only please.
sorry I am just confused.... older women only... that is not specific

because are you talking about over a specific age or just older than you.... which I don't know how old you are.
Why do guys call young mothers milfs?
I have an older brother who thinks my friend is a MILF, but I looked in the dictionary and it says that Milfs are older woman between the ages of 30-50 yrs of age who are very attractive and happens to be a mother of a friend, or girlfriend of a younger guy who wants to have sex with her. And even after I told my brother this he still thinks my friend is a MILF and he is not even younger than she is... anyway I hate the way that word sounds and why does a mother have to be called a name just because a man finds her attractive?
Even though this question seems like somebody is trollin' I'm going to answer it seriously. Milf is a work that stands for "Mother I'd like to f*ck." As far as I know it comes from the movie American Pie so it's been around for years. So no, it's not just about a woman who a guy finds attractive it's about any older lady who's most likely a mother who they want to have sex with.
I have 40 yers old, can I have some girl age 25 up, or is too young for me? I like hot milfs too... black hair?
I want to have a girlfriend American but I dont know if a look for the milfs or I can find a young ladie age 25 up to have pizza and love..if don't maind we lat the pizza for after...
Thanks for sharing...
Any MILFs in Athens, Ga looking for a young boytoy?
I am 20 and LOVE older women. If you're out there, let me know!
Yes, I'm sure 'somewhere' in Athens, GA there is.
Spring break idea for Young moms (or MILFs in general)..?
I'm a college student who lives about an hour from Panama City beach (in Florida). Clearly, Spring Break is on the horizon.

My idea is to host a MILF Bikini Contest.

The purpose of the contest would be to show that (a) just because women become MOMS doesn't mean they have to lose their hotness.........and (b) it would give moms a chance to participate in some spring break activities again, and prove that they can still hang with the youngsters effectively!

I also think it would be a great opportunity for those moms who never got to experience spring break before, due to being too busy with school.....having guys really young...or whatever the case may have been in college.

I think your idea is a great one!!! I am now a (young)grand mother, and don't look my age at all. A friends younger brother who is my grown son's age refers to me as "MLF" instead of my name. He doesn't mean it disrespectfully and I take it as a compliment. Go with your idea!!
What do the moms think about younger guys calling them cougars or milfs?
what do the moms think about younger guys calling them cougars or milfs? I love older ladies. I want to know what the moms think about this.
As a mom (disregard Mr. Smallweed's mug over there) I have to say both those terms are really insulting. If you really 'love older ladies' you might try for some more original pick-up phrases, which might naturally lead you to a path of being a bit less creepy as well.
What do the moms think about younger guys calling them cougars or milfs?
what do the moms think about younger guys calling them cougars or milfs? I love older ladies. I want to know what the moms think about this.
What is this about "younger guys"?? I like to think of myself as young still!! And when someone calls me a MILF I ignore it because it is obviously some idiot who doesn't have the brains to give a real compliment and results to an immature comment.

And no, I do NOT dress like a whore, does a turtleneck dress below my knees sound "whorish" to you? I got called a MILF one time wearing my dress.

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